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Bitcloud project – Github repository

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Bitcloud Objectives


Read the non technical paper here: https://github.com/wetube/bitcloud/blob/master/Bitcloud%20Nontechnical%20White%20Paper.md

In essence, we want to construct a Peer to Peer system with economic incentives, a decentralized market for information, in which everybody will be able to upload, download and publish content, and install a node.

We offer the oportunity for nodes to be present in a global market easy to use, and offer their services of bandwidth and storage, so we are going to program a system able to check those ends. Publishers and users can pay the nodes and Bitcloud will be an automatic escrow system that checks that the work has been correctly done, rewarding good nodes and penalizing bad ones.

Bitcloud will be in charge of automatically distribute files along the network, and check all money transactions.

Bitcloud works on a variation of proof of stake known as proof of bandwidth. The nodes in this system are similar to the miners in the Bitcoin protocol in that they mine cloudshares by providing bandwidth to the network. Instead of using a proof of work system where miners are looking for the solution to a complex mathematical equation, the nodes in Bitcloud are rewarded based on their share of the total amount of bandwidth used in the Bitcloud network. Each block reward is distributed among the nodes based on their share of the overall amount of bandwidth needed by the Bitcloud users.

Publishers and authors will have the opportunity to have a voice without having to compete against big giants. Our search engine will be globally available and content cannot be deleted by a central authority. We don’t impose any kind of censorship nor central moderation system. We also offer optional easy integration with Tor, protecting both the origin and the end of the content.

At the same time, we offer the opportunity of optional moderation throughout publishers. Publishers will have the important role of manual filtering of the content and provide great quality. Everyone can become a publisher.

Authors have an opportunity to offer their content without restriction or imposition, by selecting a publisher or become one by themselves. Their content will be immediately available for the rest of the world.
Help Work With Us

We want to make the process of creating Bitcloud extremely open, allowing anyone who wants to participate to share his or her opinion and help with the project.
Spread the Word

We are contacting developers and thinkers only now, as we don’t want this project to become mainstream until we have something to really work in and a good bunch of developers. This being said, we are looking to expand the development side of the project. So, please, spread the word between developers, marketers, thinkers, and other similar people who might help. There is no way that this big project can be completed by 1, 2 or 5 people. We must work together.
Watch Us

Please subscribe to the “issues” section in GitHub to watch us and please submit your questions and ideas there.
Contact Us

Contact us via Freenode at: #bitcloud for general talk and #bitcloud-dev for development talk.

Contact us via the Forum at: http://talk.bitcloudproject.org/

Contact us on Reddit at: /r/bitcloud (http://www.reddit.com/r/bitcloud/)

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