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Bitcloud Project

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Bitcloud Project


Bitcloud is an open source project striving to create free software enabling the creation of a new form of darknet and cryptocurrency.

A decentralized p2p network in which block rewards will be allocated based on bandwidth shared and services provided to the network instead of hashing power in order to create an incentive for parttaking nodes.

Bitcloud is at the very early protocol design stages of turning the proof of bandwidth idea into a reality. Please read the general outline in the github papers.

We are going public with this idea early on because we want to be as open and transparent as possible. This project requires a massive amount of thought and development in many different parts of the protocol, so we need as many people helping as possible.

With Bitcloud, nodes on the p2p network and at later stages a mesh network will be rewarded financially for routing traffic. Long term this can potentially remove the need for Internet Service Providers. Short term it also enables the public to replace many of the centralized applications on the current Internet, such as YouTube, Dropbox, Facebook, Spotify, and others with decentralized, open source alternatives.

We will have to start by decentralizing the current Internet, and then we can create a new Internet to replace it. If you’re interested in privacy, security, ending Internet censorship, decentralizing the Internet, and creating a new mesh network to replace the Internet, then you should join or support this project.

If you see the potential implications of this project and are a developer or someone who wants to help the project in any other way, please get in touch on the forum and IRC.

We can also be found on…
Github Repository: github.com/wetube/bitcloud
Forum: talk.bitcloudproject.org
Freenode IRC: #bitcloud
Freenode IRC developers: #bitcloud-dev

Reddit: /r/bitcloud
Twitter: @bitcloudproject

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