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[PATCH] Basic SCTP support for OpenSSH client and server

Monday, 10-February-2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

This looks very interesting. This should get the ball rolling for supporting SSH with SCTP.

[PATCH] Basic SCTP support for OpenSSH client and server

commited by: Hugo Landau

This patch allows the OpenSSH client to make connections over SCTP,
and allows the OpenSSH server to listen for connections over SCTP.

SCTP is a robust transport-layer protocol which supports, amongst other things,
the changing of endpoint IPs without breaking the connection.

To connect via SCTP, pass -H or set "ConnectViaSCTP yes".
To listen via SCTP as well as TCP, set "ListenViaSCTP yes".

You will need to run autoreconf after applying this patch since there are
changes to configure.ac.

SCTP will be automatically enabled if detected by configure. If you pass
–with-sctp, configure will fail if SCTP is not detected.

The include file <netinet/sctp.h> is required. Linux users may need to install
lksctp <http://lksctp.sf.net/> before this file is present.

You may need to adjust system settings to enable some features of SCTP.
For Linux, see the sysctls under /proc/sys/net/sctp such as addip_enable and
default_auto_asconf, both of which should be enabled; see
For BSD, see the net.inet.sctp.* sysctls.

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